Netflix rolled out the red carpet for a star-packed preview of its upcoming 2022 movies, featuring a Who’s Who of Hollywood. 

Interestingly, the stars sound off from the sets of their respective films for the streaming service, as if their characters are breaking the fourth wall to talk to viewers.

“Tonight is movie night,” Jennifer Lopez opens the preview, on a boat in her upcoming film, The Mother.

“You can go places your dreams can’t dream of,” follows Jason Momoa, in full costume — and goat horns — from the set of Slumberland.

Jamie Foxx, in the middle of a Day Shift car stunt, continues, “Or, see things that will give your nightmares nightmares.”

Ryan Gosling, choking a guy on top of a speeding bus in the spy thriller The Grey Man, offers, “In here, you can make your escape.” 

Henry Cavill, from the narrow 19th-century London streets of Enola Holmes, says, “In here, mystery sparks extraordinary adventure.” Co-star Millie Bobby Brown replies, gesturing to the camera, “The real mystery is why you’re talking to them! I thought that was my thing!”

“In here you can make an incredible discovery,” Halle Berry adds from an outdoor set on The Mothership, to which The Adam Project star Ryan Reynolds continues from an elevator, “Or feel like a kid again.”

Interspersed between the comments are clips from all the stars’ films, as well as sneak peeks of Daniel Craig in Knives Out 2Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key in Wendell & WildKevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg in Me TimeHustle and Spaceman from Adam Sandler, Foxx’s They Cloned Tyrone, and many more.

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