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Taylor Swift‘s boyfriend Travis Kelce attended her final show in Amsterdam on July 6, and at one point, he appeared to be incredibly moved by her emotional performance, which seemed to be a nod to his presence.

As People reports, Taylor’s mashup during the show involved the tracks “Mary’s Song,” “So High School” and “Everything Has Changed,” and in a video posted by a fan on social platform X, Travis is seen watching the performance, swaying back and forth and at several points, he appears to wipe his eyes and his face.

While “So High School” is thought to be directly about Travis, the other two songs contain touching lyrics about love. In “Everything Has Changed,” Taylor sings, “‘Cause all I know is we said, ‘Hello’/And your eyes look like comin’ home/All I know is a simple name/And everything has changed.”

In “Mary’s Song,” she sings, “I’ll be 87, you’ll be 89/I’ll still look at you like the stars that shine/In the sky, oh my my my.”

Not only is 87 Travis’ jersey number, but both Travis and Taylor were born in 1989.

After the show, fan-shot video captured them waving to fans as they left the stadium together.

At Taylor’s July 5 show, which Travis also attended, she changed the lyrics of “Karma” to “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs.”

Taylor’s next shows are scheduled for Zurich, Switzerland starting July 9.

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