Mike, the new Hulu limited series that details the life of former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson, is not afraid to go for it.

Trevante Rhodes, the acclaimed actor known for his lead role in the Oscar-winning film Moonlight, told ABC Audio he took on the role of Tyson without much time to prepare.

Rhodes called the shoot “tumultuous,” saying, “You get hurt, and they don’t care. You know what I mean? So, you just gotta keep it pushing.”

He was otherwise tight-lipped about any on-set injuries, but revealed he got a platelet-rich plasma injection during the shoot, which is used to accelerate healing in body tissue.

Injuries aside, the actor said “everything else was just beautiful” about shooting the series. The chance to portray as complicated a character as Tyson was not something Rhodes took for granted.

“To have the opportunity to … represent all that, that’s a blessing,” Rhodes said. “As a man, just having the chance to walk in those shoes, you know what I mean? It felt good.”

The series covers all aspects of Tyson’s life and career, everything from his unmatched boxing success to his rape conviction. Rhodes did not consult Tyson about the project, but said it was not for lack of trying.

“He’s not involved at all, but I’ll tell you, I shot him a DM, man,” Rhodes said. “He’s out in the world right now and he’s making himself known. Maybe because of the show, maybe not. I don’t know. So hopefully I get a chance to bump into him, and give him a hug and everything. But, I don’t know man, we’ll see.”

The two-episode premiere of Mike drops Thursday on Hulu.

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