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DJ duo Two Friends teamed up with fellow DJ duo Loud Luxury and Bebe Rexha for “If Only I,” which is now climbing the charts. Two Friends’ Matthew Halper and Eli Sones say that when it comes to getting someone to sing on your dance track, you can’t do better than Bebe.

“Bebe’s amazing, we were listening to her forever on so many classic EDM tracks, pop tracks,” says Matthew. “So when the opportunity came, we had the song, Bebe was down and we did it with Loud Luxury. And honestly, it was like a dream come true.”

“Yeah, the first time we actually got to do it together was Coachella back in April,” Eli adds. “And that was just awesome … I mean, a little scary that that was the first stage we got to do it with her [on]! But it went amazing and that was cool to kind of kick off the song like that.”

Despite the input of many people into the song, Matthew says Bebe’s contributions were invaluable.

“We basically had the song, and then there was ideas, and then Bebe contributed a lot and she cut her vocals,” he says. “She honestly took it from like … it was a good song. She took it to a great song. So, big credit.”

Prior to “If Only I,” Bebe lent her voice to dance hits by everyone from David Guetta and Martin Garrix to The Chainsmokers and Cash Cash. So, why is Bebe’s voice so perfect for this genre?

“I don’t know. It’s some magical mystery sauce of, like, perfection,” says Matthew. “I don’t know why it works over dance songs so well … [b]ut I mean, as a DJ, getting Bebe Rexha on a song is, like, that’s the top.”

A previous version of this story, published on 12/6/2023, incorrectly referred to the title of the Two Friends/Bebe Rexha song. It’s been corrected in the story above.

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