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Looks like Sam Smith isn’t the only one who thinks Kim Petras makes a great duet partner: Meghan Trainor has now tapped her for a remix of her smash hit “Made You Look.”

“Kim is an icon. I have been a fan for a very long time and I am so excited to have her on ‘Made You Look,’” Meghan says in a statement. “We had such a fun time in the studio together and she added the perfect energy to the song. She is a queen and I cannot wait for everyone to hear her voice on this song! She really brought it to a whole new level.”

Kim’s part comes in about a minute and 20 seconds into the track: She sings, “Don’t be shy just put your hands on me/one night, I’ll let you live your wildest dreams.”

Then Meghan joins her as they sing, “So watch me break my back underneath the covers/Double take for that/’cause no one does it better for you/Tell me what you, what you, what you gon’ do.”

Kim says in a statement, “I had ‘Made You Look’ stuck in my head for months. It’s just so catchy and I felt like the song was like a warm hug. So I loved it right away, and then when I got asked to jump on it, I was really, really excited.”

Kim goes on to say, “I think Meghan is such a great pop songwriter, so it was an incredible experience…She really is like a little angel and such a treasure and deserves everything that’s coming her way with the song and I just feel so excited and honored to be a part of it. We collaborated in a really special way that I won’t forget.”

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