Imagine a prep school for vampires. That’s the starting point for the new Peacock series Vampire Academy, which debuts Thursday.

The fantasy horror series focuses on the friendship between a privileged teen vamp who’s destined to rule, and her best friend, who’s training to protect her for life. Sisi Stringer plays the guardian vamp and told ABC Audio about the bond between these two women.

“You think that they already have a wonderful, beautiful, strong connection and then a lot of stuff happens and it just gets stronger and stronger in these weird and wonderful ways,” she says, adding, “As the story unravels, you see them get closer.”

Vampire Academy is based on a popular book series of the same name. Stringer explains that there are “three different kinds of vampires” in this show’s fantasy world, “and there’s all this wonderful lore and back story.”

Daniela Nieves, who also stars in the show, adds, “Yeah, because I think that also what makes our vampire Show different and interesting is that within the vampires and half vampires, then there’s royal vampires and non-royal vampires.”

“And they dress differently,” she continues. “They, have different rights and different things they can or can’t do. It’s complex. And then within the within that, there’s also like the factional leaders of the elements because they can perform magic as well.”

Part of that magic includes being able to manipulate a specific element. So which power would Stringer want in real life?

“If you have earth, in our world, we can manipulate like wood, as well…So…imagine being able to manipulate dirt, sand, wood…rocks, all of that. That would also be really cool,” she says. “But then also you can do so so much with air. I can’t decide.”

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