Wash-less Clothes?

There have been a lot of weird fashion trends lately, but this one stinks!A new trend of not washing your clothes is going around.

This trend of wash-less brands are taking over the fashion world with stars like Jaden Smith and Justin Bieber hopping on board.

Pangaia is an eco-friendly clothing brand that creates $85 seaweed fiber T-shirts that are treated with peppermint oil to keep the shirts fresher longer between washes, as opposed to traditional cotton.

These new trends of shirts could save nearly 3,000 liters of water in a lifetime compared to standard shirts.

Even washing machine company AEG says that 90% of clothes washed aren’t actually dirty enough to be thrown into the dirty clothes hamper and washing machines account for 17% of our home water usage.

So I guess something to keep in mind.

I kinda understand this premise, you know if I only wear a shirt for a little bit I’ll put it back on the hanger.

But I think I know when my clothes are dirty enough for a wash…

What do you think about this?

Something just doesn’t seem right, or should I say, smell right…