Camila Cabello and Lil Nas X get physical while battling over a guy in the new video for their collab, “He Knows.”

In the clip, Camila enters a club and starts dirty dancing with an attractive guy — until Lil Nas X makes a move on him. Camila jumps on top of Nas and they start wrestling with each other, with Nas even pulling out a handful of Camila’s hair. Finally they realize the guy they’re fighting over is a hairless mannequin.

Once outside the club, Nas suggests, “Let’s promise to never fight over a boy again.”

“Pinky promise?” Camila asks. “Pinky promise,” agrees Nas. Two seconds later, the guy from the first part of the video appears … and the two look at each other guiltily.

“I’ve just never seen that in a video before,” Cabello tells Rolling Stone about the concept of a guy and a girl fighting over the same person. “I just loved the idea of us fighting over this fluid guy, who we don’t know which way he’s leaning.”

Of their wrestling match, Camila says, “[Nas] is tall as hell, so even getting on his shoulder took me a couple of times. But it was fun.”

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)

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