Rachel Zegler issued a mea culpa after poking fun at Britney Spears tweets about Jamie Lynn Spears.  The West Side Story star faced serious backlash after posting a video of her dramatically monologuing the “Toxic” singer’s messages.

The inflammatory video has since been deleted and, on Monday, the Golden Globe winner apologized for her actions.  “Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Britney and am rooting for her always,” wrote Zegler. “While I meant no disrespect whatsoever, I should have thought about how this could be perceived, and I’m so sorry for upsetting or disappointing anyone.”

She continued in a follow-up tweet, “This is not a situation to be taken lightly, and we should all be lifting Britney up in this pivotal time. Thanks for hearing me out, and a big thank you to all who held me accountable.”

Reaction to the 20-year-old’s apology has been well received by fans, who praised her for addressing her faux pas and owning up to it.  

Neither Britney nor Jamie Lynn has responded to the controversy.

Zegler’s videos were made shortly after the Grammy winner unleashed a scathing message on Twitter after Jamie Lynn shared a memory with ABC’s Nightline about Britney allegedly grabbing a knife and locking the both of them in a room.   The pop star said Jamie Lynn was “making that up” and begged for her to “stop with these crazy lies.”

However, the sisters are seemingly on their way to reconciliation, after both expressed their love for one another.

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