Where are the Hoods?

I see them up on Trafficway and I don’t know who is putting them there!

So I came across the thread on Reddit the other day; I love to lurk on the Springfield subreddit, but someone was asking (and I’m so thankful they did) about what all those car hoods up on Trafficway are always doing there!

I see them just about every time I drive that way, which is fairly often, but the one car hood I remember seeing was leaned right up against a telephone pole and was painted white. In big letters it said “NOT FREE”.

Well…if it’s not free, what’s it doing on the side of the road?!

What is the story with those car hoods?

In the discussion someone said there’s a body shop across the street that paints them and puts them out


So that’s why I turn to you, because I’m hoping you can provide some more insight.

From time to time they have cryptic messages on them.

One Springfieldian said they get sad when they aren’t there. You know, sometimes it’s the little things.

But again, I just need answers.

What’s the deal with the car hoods?!

What is the deal with these? Car hoods on Trafficway. from springfieldMO