You can now add Shark to the long list of titles held by Kevin Hart when the actor, investor, and entrepreneur joins as a guest Shark on Friday night’s episode of ABC’s Shark Tank.

The moment is one that Hart says is “amazing,” and he praises Sharks Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O’Leary and Lori Greiner for what they’ve built. 

“You’re looking at some of the most influential people in business today, and they not only have made successes for themselves throughout their career, you’re looking at a television show that’s been around for 13 seasons,” he says. 

Hart says that he didn’t appear on the show only to benefit himself, but to help others as well. 

“If I can reach back and give opportunities to others, to people of my community, to the younger generation that is coming up that should be our future leaders of tomorrow and our future groundbreakers of today and tomorrow, why not?” he asks rhetorically. “I’m not in the business of just doing it for me. You know, I think that’s the role that we all play when we get to sit in these chairs is the role of opportunity for not just ourselves, but others.”

Speaking of helping others, the True Story star shares that the best piece of business advice he’s ever gotten was “never try to be the smartest person in the room,” adding, “You’re really good when you understand that it takes the talent of others to make you better in the vision that you have become a reality.”

Even though Hart is head of several companies, when it comes to home life, his wife, Eniko, runs the show. 

“I can’t say I’m the boss at all. She runs that household, that’s her domain,” he explains. 

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