Wine Not? This Is Super Exciting For Wine Lovers

It’s Monday, so naturally I wanna talk about wine!

What’s your go to wine?

When I drink red, I go for the Cabernet…when I drink white, I usually go for the sweet Moscato. Those are the two I bounce between.

Well, If you love wine…I’ve got some good news! You’ll soon be seeing canned wines in all new sizes!!

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau just approved some new standars, so these new regulations allow for wine and even some ciders to be sold in single serving sizes like, a soda can!

At first I was like, no gimme the whole bottle….but after thinking about it, this means that we can easily bring wine somewhere instead of lugging around that whole bottle!

So basically what I’m saying is, if you see us 2 Chicks drinking “soda…” MIND YA BUSINESS!!!
~ Amber Nix