I love these anti-Valentine’s Day celebrations!

I’m single so that may have something to do with my attitude….but this is a Valentine’s celebration I can enjoy!

In Texas, you know, where all my exes are….both the San Antonio Zoo and the El Paso Zoo are running a cockroach special.

For $20 you can purchase a cockroach, more like sponsor a cockroach, because you don’t get to keep it or anything.

No, your donation allows you to name the cockroach after your EX!

The zoo will then feed it to a reptile and you can watch the whole thing on a live-stream.

That’s cheaper than therapy right there, and probably a little more satisfying!

I wonder if this is something our friends at the Dickerson Park Zoo would do!

Single, it’s complicated, in a domestic partnership…whatever your relationship status is- Happy Valentine’s Day!