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What to Watch Wednesdays BEAT
What to Watch Wednesdays: Bates Motel

This is a prequel to Psycho, showcasing Norman Bates’ teenage years and how demented his relationship with his mother was. The cast is so good and Freddie Highmore will give you the major creeps! Perfect […]

Sleep In- It’s the Law!

California is implementing a new first-of-its kind- which requires schools to start later- it’s the law!

The ‘Full House’ You Never Saw

It’s been years since ‘Full House’ was on television but we are still finding out secrets and behind the scene moments! There was even a different Danny Tanner than the one we all came to […]

scary clown
Hurts Donuts Creepy Clown on TV

Hurts Donuts and their infamous donut deliveries via creepy clown made national news after scaring a reporter live on TV in Arizona! He gets WAY too close for comfort. Check out the footage!

DIY Halloween Ideas

When Halloween comes you only have two choices… spend a fortune on your costume or save some money and make it yourself! Get ready for some Halloween DIY costume hacks! With these ideas you won’t […]

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