Javicia Leslie took over the cape and cowl for Ruby Rose in the second season of the CW show Batwoman, and as a lifelong comic fan, continuing to play her in season three hasn’t gotten old.

Aside from being a fangirl, Leslie tells ABC Audio the role is particularly meaningful for her as a Black actress.

We’re at a point now where we kind of get to see ourselves physically in these suits, and what the fandom has shown me is that there is a community of people who have been waiting — who have been waiting — to see themselves.”

She adds, “And it’s not just about racial identity, because as a human, we represent so many things.”

And Leslie recently represented a good cause, partnering with tissue brand Puffs to provide supplies to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center — and personalized video messages to its patients — as part of the company’s Puffs Power Pals initiative. 

“I was a kid that watched superhero shows and watched superhero movies, and I wanted to be Storm [from X-Men]. And I can only imagine if any of those characters spoke to me… at one of the most challenging times of my life!” she expressed. 

“[T]o be able to have the opportunity to speak to these kids, to be able to have the opportunity to encourage them to be brave and strong and keep smiling, like that’s a blessing, and that’s an honor.”

Incidentally, ABC Audio wanted to know if Javicia had any Bat-advice for Leslie Gracerecently unveiled as HBO Max’s Batgirl. “A million attagirls,” Javicia says, “and honestly, Leslie, I’ve seen her work, she doesn’t need any tips. She’s so bada** and I just cannot wait to see it.”

Batwoman airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on the CW. 

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