Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze – May 8 | Brooke & Jeffrey In The Morning | Brooke and Jeffrey In The Morning

Kendrick Lamar & Drake

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  • Drake’s security guard SHOT OUTSIDE rapper’s Toronto home amid Kendrick Lamar beef…if you’re just catching up, here’s the entire saga EXPLAINED
  • What??? Netflix REMOVES BOOING from Kim Kardashian segment of Tom Brady roast
  • Amazon Prime Video set to debut remote-enabled SHOPPABLE ADS so you can just put products you see on TV right in your cart
  •  Charli XCX says she worked on a potential NEW BRITNEY SPEARS ALBUM
  • Netflix’s newest reality show contestant is an AI CHAT BOT! “The Circle” recently introduced the chatbot as Max, a 26 years old, brunette, who’s into his Australian shepherd, Pippa
  • Did Miss USA Noelia Voigt’s resignation statement contain a hidden message that spelled out “I AM SILENCED“?
  • Superhero FATIGUE is real and Marvel is going to release fewer movies and TV shows a year in order to focus on quality
  • Keanu Reeves says he and Sandra Bullock “would knock it OUT OF THE PARK” if they did “Speed 3”
  • PICS: Hilary Duff welcomes her 4th baby, Townes Meadow Bair
  • PICS: Season 2 of “Wednesday” started filming yesterday and Steve Buscemi, Christopher Lloyd, Thandiwe Newton, and Haley Joel Osment have joined the cast!
  • PICS:  Tom Holland LOVED Zendaya’s looks at the Met Gala and posted the sweetest Insta pic!
  • New season of “vs” on Discovery+ UK, Max will feature ‘Taylor Swift vs Scooter Braun: Bad Blood’ and explore the “GRIPPING” DISPUTE between the pop megastar and the music industry mogul
  • Jeff Ross swears that Tom Brady WASN’T ANGRY about that Robert Kraft massage joke!