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What To Watch Wednesdays: They Come Knocking

It’s hard to find a good (and legit) scary movie on a streaming platform. Most I find are ones I’ve already went to Redbox for or saw in the theaters. That’s why I was stoked to find this one on Hulu: They Come Knocking. A dad and his 2 daughters (who just recently lost their mom) are on a road trip from hell. They get stranded in the middle of the desert where they are followed and harassed by otherworldly beings. Of course the dad goes out on his own “to find help” and one of the girls ends up wandering off by herself. It’s spooky, tense, and you’ll recognize the main actor, Clayne Crawford, from A Walk to Remember, Swimfan, Graceland, Rectify, Justified, and CSI to name a few! Read full article >>

DIY Halloween Ideas

When Halloween comes you only have two choices… spend a fortune on your costume or save some money and make it yourself! Get ready for some Halloween DIY costume hacks! With these ideas you won’t need to worry about money to make that perfect look! Read full article >>