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  • R1234

    You guys should look to add new music like: Moolah by Young Greatness, Body by Dreezy and Jeremih, and Summer Sixteen by Drake! Just to name a few…

  • Amy Hendrix Green

    Can you play a variety of music and not the same 5 songs over and over all day long…
    It gets so old and burns you out of those songs

  • Mimi Moyers

    Can u play i am invincible

  • Karen fuentes

    Happy Birthday to me Karen Fuentes please play heathens by twenty øne pilots please please and thank you!!!!!!!

  • Vannessa

    McClain and Chris.
    Your talking about some woman smoking in her car at your apartment complex. Here’s my take on this.
    1) maybe she wants to listen to the radio or something while she grabs a smoke
    2) or perhaps on top of the handicap of being ADDICTED to ciggerettes she may have another handicap.
    3) or perhaps it’s cold outside or hot.
    4) perhaps she doesn’t want her kids to see her smoking.
    5) as for 5:00am maybe she’s an early riser like YOU!!
    6) Maybe it’s just none of your damn business.

  • Samantha

    I’m loving Cashmere Cat-Trust Nobody (feat. Selena Gomez & Troy Lanez)
    If it’s not already playing, it should be 🙂

    Have a good day!