Britney Spears may have told her Instagram followers to “lighten up” about the fact that she was dancing with what looked like extremely real and sharp knives, but many people were so worried about it that they reported it to police.

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Department confirms to ABC News that its deputies went to Britney’s home on September 27. Their visit was prompted by a call from the Los Angeles Police Department’s SMART team, which handles mental evaluations. That team was notified by someone who actually knows Britney and was worried about her well-being, so they notified the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department. 

After vetting the info and confirming the person indeed had a personal relationship with Britney, the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department decided to investigate.

Deputies who spoke with Britney’s head of security and her attorney determined she was not in danger.

In her initial Instagram post, Britney assured fans that the knives she was dancing with weren’t real. She then claimed that she was “copying Shakira,” because the “Hips Don’t Lie” singer had danced with knives during the MTV Video Music Awards a few weeks ago.  

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