A Florida judge has ruled in favor of Bob Saget‘s family: No photos or body camera footage involving the late comedian’s sudden death can be released to media outlets.

The Saget family had sued to block the release of records and photos of Saget’s death earlier this year, arguing that the pain they already felt would be exacerbated if any of it was published.

The family won a permanent injunction on Monday as they continue to mourn the man beloved by many.

Legal expert and trial attorney Tom Porto spoke with ABC’s Good Morning America about the possible reasoning behind the judge’s decision.  “This is such a sensitive topic area, that being a death and having photos…you know, the public adoration for Mr. Saget didn’t trump those privacy interests of his family in this scenario,” Porto said.

The Saget family said they’re grateful the judge granted their request to preserve the late actor and comedian’s dignity, as well as their privacy rights.

Just over two months ago, Saget, 65, was found unresponsive in his hotel room hours after performing a stand-up comedy set in Orlando, Florida. The Orange County medical examiner determined that Saget died of a head injury likely sustained in a fall.

Meanwhile, ABC News has obtained the police report of the investigation, featuring interviews with those who had interacted with him prior to his death, and redacted descriptions of the state of his hotel room. 

The report also detailed that Saget’s injury to the back of his head was severe enough it “broke the orbital bones at the front of the skull.” That led to a reexamining of his hotel room so investigators could determine what could have caused it. 

Police closed the case after not finding anything that contradicted he was injured in an accidental fall. 

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