Art Streiber/NBC

Elizabeth Berkley adored Ariana Grande‘s Showgirls-inspired Halloween costume this year, and she’s letting the world know.

Berkley, who starred as Nomi Malone in the 1995 erotic thriller, took to Instagram on Tuesday to praise Ariana and Elizabeth Gilles‘ matching costumes.

“This past week, the magical @arianagrande recreated my #Nomi for #halloween with all the love and attention to detail that only an artist with her heart and creative genius could do,” Berkley posted.

She couldn’t help but reference iconic lines from the film as she gave Ariana and Gilles their flowers.

“I adore you, @arianagrande and love how you and @lizgillz had fun with #nomiandcrystal in a way that only you two could. When you are from #differentplaces you have to watch your back because when you are wearing @versace … #theresalwayssomeoneyoungerandhungriercomingdownthestairsafteryou.”

Grande commented under Berkley’s post, calling her “simply the most generous ever.”

“We love you so much and had so much fun paying homage to you both. Thank you for changing us forever with your brilliant and iconic Nomi,” Grande wrote.

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