Hilary Swank announced on Good Morning America that she is preparing for the biggest role of her career: mom.

The two-time Academy Award winner revealed at the end of her GMA interview Wednesday that she and husband Philip Schneider will soon be parents.

“I’m going to be a mom — and not just of one, but of two,” Swank announced. “I can’t believe it!”

While Swank awaits the arrival of her two little ones with Schneider, whom she married in 2018, she is gearing up for her return to network TV with ABC’s Alaska Daily.

The show, premiering Thursday, comes from Tom McCarthy, the Oscar-winning screenwriter behind 2015 Best Picture, Spotlight.

Swank said she and McCarthy had a meeting, and he sent her a 2019 article called “Lawless” by Anchorage Daily News reporter Kyle Hopkins “about true crimes in Alaska.”

“It was eye-opening, horrifying — all things at once, things you can’t believe are happening,” Swank said. “I want to shine a bright light on these issues, especially the missing [and] murdered Indigenous women that, I mean, no one’s doing anything about. It’s an extra responsibility, you know, to do justice for the underdogs, for the underserved,” she added. “It’s just something that I’m passionate about.”

Swank plays Eileen, a New York journalist who moves to Alaska to work for a daily newspaper in Anchorage, looking for a clean start both personally and professionally.

Hilary recently told ABC Audio how she relates to her character. “I feel like being an actor is being a journalist because you’re like digging into this character,” she said. “You’re asking a lot of questions about who this person is in order to tell a story.”

Alaska Daily premieres Thursday, Oct. 6 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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