Jackass Forever hits theaters today. It’s the sixth movie in the bone-breaking MTV franchise, but if its your first time tuning in, have no fear, Steve-O, who stars in the film, provided some insight on what to expect. 

“I would describe Jackass to somebody who hasn’t seen it as wholesome in the most surprising way,” he told ABC News. “You know, we do reckless things, irreverent things, but we’re not mean-spirited at all. And the spirit of what we do is so positive that I really feel that it’s wholesome and wonderful. And I think that this is a time when people need that.”

Johnny Knoxville, who also stars in the action-comedy, added, “I think you need to watch it in the theater because you…don’t want to be on a roller coaster alone. You want to be on a roller coaster with everyone else.”

Jackass Forever reunited Knoxville, Steve-O, Chris PontiusWee Man, and the rest of the gang, which Knoxville equated to getting “a dysfunctional family back together.”

“We’ve been friends for so long, and we love each other, and it’s great to get the family back together, a dysfunctional family back together,” he explained. “And even though the guys know they’re going to be put through hell, bless them. They still love it. And I know that I’m going to go through so much and I still love it.”

Part of what they go through in Jackass involves stunts and despite what it looks like, the stars aren’t fearless. 

“It’s not about being totally fearless and brave, it’s, you can be totally scared, but you still do it,” Pontius said.

Added Steve-O, “That’s the definition of courage. It’s not being fearless. It’s fighting through your fear.” 

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