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Along with kicking off her first-ever arena tour about a month ago, Olivia Rodrigo launched her charity Fund 4 Good, which supports women’s education and reproductive rights, and works to prevent gender-based violence. Now, politicians are taking notice.

When Olivia brought the GUTS World Tour to Detroit on March 23, she got a special shout-out on TikTok from Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who smashed together Olivia’s song titles to praise her for her advocacy.

“Welcome to Michigan, Olivia Rodrigo,” said Whitmer. “We’re not just good 4 u, we’re great for anyone who believes in the fundamental right to make informed decisions about their own bodies. Like you, Michiganders have guts and are using their voices to drive change.”

Whitmer goes on to say that Michiganders have “been a brutal force against any attempts to roll back our reproductive freedoms.” She added, “We’ve slayed outdated vampire laws that threatened our autonomy and expanded protections for those seeking or providing reproductive healthcare. Not a bad idea, right?”

 “Olivia, your voice resonates with so many, not just through your music, but through your advocacy,” Whitmer continued. “And in Michigan, we’re no stranger to fighting for what’s right. We couldn’t be happier to have you.”

The next stop for the GUTS World Tour is Montreal on March 26.

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