Luca Venter

Ever since *NSYNC released their reunion single “Better Place,” fans have been clamoring for the group to go on tour. Nothing’s been decided yet, but Joey Fatone says he’s got a personal reason for wanting to hit the road again with his bandmates: his family.

“It’d be fun to do it again … to go on tour with my four brothers and have everybody’s families come out,” Joey tells ABC Audio. “I got a glimpse of that when I went to the Jonas Brothers concert recently. I saw Nick and his family … they all came out. Kevin‘s wife was out there with the kids. It was just really cool to see all that. It would be fun to be able to go on tour and be with our families and experience that.”

Well, fun for him maybe, but the kids are another story. Joey admits his 22-year-old daughter told him she’s sick of hearing “Better Place” in her TikTok feed, which he says is “kinda funny.” As for his younger daughter, when her friends say, “Oh gosh, that’s your dad!,” Joey says, “She plays it off like, ‘Yeah, it’s just my dad, it’s not a big deal.'”

Whatever further reunion activities *NSYNC may have planned, Joey will look good doing it: He recently underwent the AirSculpt fat-removal procedure on his stomach and chin. Why publicize it? Well, why not? As Joey says, “What is the big deal? Let’s be honest. Women get boobs and butts and Botox…so what? It’s to help them feel good or enhance them in one way, shape or form.”

“I’m not a person that’s going to completely change my look,” he notes. “I just want a little somethin’ somethin,’ to get rid of certain things that I can never really get rid of.”

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