Former President Barack Obama will headline and narrate Our Great National Parks, a documentary from Netflix celebrating the protected splendor of the country, which debuts April 13. 

In an eye-popping new trailer for the five-part series, Mr. Obama celebrates the “journey of the natural wonders of our shared birthright,” highlighting its curious creatures and their habitats, and how both they can help humanity as more than just eye candy for HD TVs.

“When humanity started to protect these wild places,” the former president says, “we did not realize how important they would become. They’re a haven for endangered species, and a hot bed for scientific research.”

Our Great National Parks isn’t the first time Obama showcased these protected, precious environments. When he was in office, he helped celebrate the 100th birthday of the National Park Service by starring in a virtual reality video set at Yosemite. The 11-minute-long, immersive film called Through the Ages celebrated both the agency and its efforts to preserve our national parks.

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