Reese Witherspoon and her Legally Blonde series co-star Jennifer Coolidge sat down via Zoom with Backstage, and dished not only about their respective hit shows, The Morning Show and White Lotus, but also teased a third Legally Blonde movie. 

Coolidge explained Reese is “the keeper of the keys” when it comes to the long-gestating threequel. But rest easy, Elle Woods fans, Reese is as eager to get going on Legally Blonde 3 as you are. 

Saying she’s “dying to know more,” Coolidge sat intently while Reese teased out an update. “I wish I could take a poll of everybody watching and say like, ‘What do you wanna see us do?'” Reese joked.  “I mean, just the idea of being anywhere with Jennifer would be the greatest,” the actress and producer explained, as was the idea of  “visiting characters 20 years later to see what’s changed about them and what hasn’t.” 

Mindy Kaling is currently “in the process of writing it,” Reese explained.

As for Legally Blonde‘s longevity, Witherspoon opined, “The movie is such a feminist movie, too, at the time, about really that your life doesn’t have to be defined by your romantic relationships; it can be defined by your girlfriends, by your sense of self-worth, by your job, your education, your accomplishments.” 

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