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At the MTV VMAs on September 12, *NSYNC didn’t just give Taylor Swift her first Moon Person of the night: They also gave her some friendship bracelets, in a nod to the Eras Tour trend. Since the exchange took place onstage and quickly, most viewers probably didn’t get to see what the bracelets said — but that’s now been revealed.

According to PopSugar, Lance Bass commissioned the bracelets from Latina-founded brand Little Words Project. The ones he handed Taylor said “Lover,” “NSYNC,” “TS,” “Fearless” and “FTGWHE,” which refers to the *NSYNC song “For the Girl Who Has Everything.”

But those weren’t the only bracelets in play that night. According to LWP’s director of brand experience, Mariah Grippo, Lance had the company make bracelets that could’ve been handed out to any of the nominated artists,  including Olivia Rodrigo, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Ed Sheeran, Dua Lipa and Pink.

“We had so much fun beading these while blasting *NSYNC music all night,” Grippo told PopSugar.

Lance also commissioned bracelets for his *NSYNC bandmates to wear while presenting the award. The messages included “Dirty Pop,” “NSYNC” and “10.01.95” — that last one is the day the group was formed.

According to the Little Words Project website, 25% of the net proceeds from each bracelet are donated to a different nonprofit.

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