Fede Alvarez, the director of the thriller movie Don’t Breathe and the successful Evil Dead reboot in 2013, is going to space with Ridley Scott for a new Alien film. 

Scott, the director of the groundbreaking 1979 original, who returned to the franchise to direct the Alien prequels Prometheus in 2012 and Alien: Covenant in 2017, is producing, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

According to the trade, this project won’t be thematically related to the existing movies, and instead a stand-alone feature meant to be an original for Hulu from Disney-owned 20th Century Studios. 

Meanwhile, FX is working on an Alien series set on earth decades in the future — before Sigourney Weaver‘s Ellen Ripley took her ill-fated trip on the mining vessel USS Nostromo in Alien

Some years ago, District 9 director Neill Blomkamp teased he was working on a direct sequel to James Cameron‘s classic 1986 sequel Alienshinting he would reunite Weaver with her Aliens co-star Michael Biehn, but that project apparently fizzled out, and 20th Century Fox’s subsequent sale to Disney in 2019 might have sealed its fate permanently.

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