Netflix’s new film The Adam Project, starring Ryan Reynolds, Jennifer Garner, Zoe Saldaña and Mark Ruffalo, has scored for the streaming service. 

According to new viewership figures from the streaming service quoted by Deadline, 92.4 million hours were spend by Netflix viewers globally since The Adam Project debuted Friday night.

In fact, the sci-fi film had the third most-watched debut in Netflix’s history, incidentally behind another Ryan Reynolds movie, Red Notice, which ranked in first place with 148.7 million hours watched globally in its first week in November of last year.

The star-studded apocalypse dramedy Don’t Look Up ranked in second place, with 111 million hours watched in its first week at the end of last December, according to Deadline

In a new interview with Netflix, Reynolds explained the film from his Free Guy director Shawn Levy was “deeply personal” for him, as his character — a time traveler from the future who teams up with his 12-year-old self and his deceased father — shared some of Ryan’s real-life experiences. 

“My father passed away years ago and for a long time, I told myself these stories about him that helped me make sense of my own deficiencies or shortcomings,” the actor admitted. “But…I realized that the reason I was really mad at my father wasn’t because he was a bad guy or because had screwed up as a dad — it was because he died. I was actually mad at my father because he died.”

This same realization is also reached by Reynolds’ onscreen character, Adam, in the film, bringing him closure. 

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