While celebrity online scams are nothing new, one has gone viral, thanks to its famous subject, original Spider-Man trilogy director Sam Raimi

While most online scams don’t pass the smell test, this one takes the cake.

People have noted getting DMs from somebody claiming to be the filmmaker, making the following pitch, which surfaced in the wake of the success of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

“Hi there it’s Sam Raimi the director here. I’m trying to make spiderman 4 with the doctor strange budget but Kevin Fiegey [sic] has caught on and pulled the funding. Can you send me 1500 in iTunes gift card codes so I can hire Tony [sic] Maguire thanks.”

While the scammer gets credit for knowing Raimi is directing the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, he probably should have researched how to spell the name of Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige.

Oh, and it’s Tobey, not Tony Maguire who played Spidey for Raimi.

Bruce Campbell — who worked frequently with Raimi since 1981’s The Evil Dead and appeared in the director’s Spider-Man films — had a bit of fun with the scam. “Boy, that Sam,” Campbell tweeted with a picture of the phony DM. “Always hitting people up for money.”

Campbell added, “I will chip in, because I love Tony Maguire.”

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