Legendary actor Samuel L. Jackson made an appearance on Sesame Street Tuesday, and no, the segment wasn’t sponsored by the letters M and F.

Instead, the actor, along with his Muppet friend Abby, talked about the word of the day: “belonging.”

Jackson instructs, “Belonging is feeling like you’re an important member of a group, like your family.”

Dressed in a colorful sweater, “Mr. Sam” tells Abby, “We should all feel welcome and know there’s a place for us.”

The 73-year-old Marvel movie star then tells his fuzzy friend, “You know, I do belong to a special group” before dipping out of frame and emerging with a bell pepper eye patch. “Aveggies: Assemble!” he commands, and is joined by an Avengers-like Muppet team with vegetable-themed costumes. There’s an Onion Man, a guy dressed like Captain America with cauliflower insignia and a “Thor” with a hammer made of corn.

Abby is then asked to join the team, and she Hulks out as The Incredibroccoli.

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