Alright you Cheeky nandos, sit up in your seats, wipe the disgusting crumbs of American breakfast-sandwiches off your maws & show some respect… because today we’re honoring royalty.

I’m not talking about the ACTUAL Royal Windsor family (who’s got more drama right now, than a season finale of SUITS)… I’m talking about REAL…. GENUINE… BRITISH NOBILITY… known as: the Spice Girls.

The famous ALL-GIRL 90s band – who took the world by storm with their catchy tunes & infectious energy… and ended up selling over 85 million records… 

And today is POSH SPICE’S BIRTHDAY… So to honor her majesty (Victoria Beckham)….. we’re gonna play a Really Really Really Really Zigga-Zig Ahhh edition of Plenty of Twenty!

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