When I check my Magical Calendar…. I see a lot of A-List Celebs celebrating birthdays today… Barbara Streisand… Kelly Clarkson… even Cedric the Entertainer… Yes, I DO consider Cedric the Entertainer an A-Lister, ok?…. it’s my list I get to decide who’s on it.

But still…. NONE of those stars shines nearly as bright as our own IN-HOUSE CELEB BIRTHDAY… cuz April 24th is the day the world was gifted Jose Bolanos. 

What would this world LOOK like… without Jose?… A lot less PUN JOKES & descriptions of annual salmon migrations (thats for sure)

So today… to celebrate Jose birthday, we’re gonna do a special: “Is this a JOSE Tweet or a DIFFERENT Celeb Tweet?” Edition of Plenty of Twenty 

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