It’s time for all the COOL CATS & DADDY-O’s to wave their walkers in the air like they don’t have No Medi-Care… Cuz we’re celebrating: “Older Americans month” 

It’s the time when we’re encouraged to recognize the ELDER GENERATIONS in our country… and remember all the important things they brought to the world… (like: Rock & Roll…. and Asbestos in the Ceilings) 

Now according to Medicare…. a SENIOR CITIZEN qualifies as anyone who’s 65 or older….. however social security benefits start at Age 62… BUT, if you’re 55 you can visit an Arby’s for a Senior Discount. Put all those numbers together… and we get a MEDIAN age of 61…. 

SO today, we’ll be asking you… which celebrities are YOUNGER… OLDER… or the EXACT AGE of 61… in a special FDR-Approved Shock Collar Question of the Day…

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