Every classic sitcom has their trademark sets, and a new survey shows that a third of Americans say if they could live anywhere, they’d chill like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air

The non-scientific poll of 2,000 TV watchers in the U.S., which was commissioned by the furniture company Article, revealed that the mansion in which Will Smith chilled with his aunt and uncle in the beloved show would be their favorite sitcom house to call their own.

Perhaps just that many people ran afoul of a couple of guys up to no good, makin’ trouble in the neighborhood.

At any rate, by a wide margin, the Fresh Prince manse beat out the second-place finisher, Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment in The Big Bang Theory — which in turn just edged out number three, The Brady Bunch home. 

Thirty-six percent of those polled chose Will’s crib, compared to 29% who dug the Big Bang digs, while 28% picked the Bradys’ house, and 19% chose Carrie’s apartment from Sex and the City — the same percentage of those who’d like to live in TV Jerry’s apartment from Seinfeld, and Monica’s crib on Friends

Other TV faves included the Florida home seen on The Golden Girls, the stately residences in Bridgerton, and the Full House house. 

Clearly, those polled were asked to choose based on the nostalgia quotient, not the real estate value of each set — though the huge Fresh Prince mansion would tick both boxes.

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