The social media age is famous for making mundane life moments the stuff of posts — nobody took pictures of their lunch back in the day, after all. But Amanda Bynes is apparently making up for lost time on her new Instagram account while apparently feeling out the finer points of posting.

A day after Tuesday’s first message, in which she rapid-fired an introduction and news she’s got a court date over terminating her conservatorship, Bynes posted throughout the day Wednesday. 

Among the things she detailed were evidence she’s removing the heart she’d had tattooed on her left cheek, and proof she just had her hair dyed, to eliminate the ombré tips she just had. In both cases, she stared at the camera wordlessly and blinked, adding only brief captions.

Another post was a shot of both her sneaker-clad feet, and according to the caption, those of the 35-year-old Easy A star’s 29-year-old fiancé, Paul Michael — the first person she followed on the ‘Gram.

Michael appeared in another video, via a TV monitor, recorded as he seemingly filmed an internal-use commercial for a medical facility. “BTS commercial for San Miguel Urgent Care,” Bynes chronicled.

Amanda changing her appearance to something more conservative could be an attempt to get ready for her March 22 day in court regarding her current condition, a key step to dissolving the conservatorship over her affairs. 

Bynes’ mother, Lynn, was put in charge of Amanda’s affairs following a 2013 incident in which Bynes reportedly started a small fire in a neighbor’s driveway, after which Bynes was placed on a temporary psychiatric hold. The conservatorship was reinstated in 2014, the same year the actress revealed she’d been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

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