It’s fantasy suites week on The Bachelor, and on Tuesday’s episode, one lady’s questions had Clayton questioning the future of his journey.

Clayton and the three remaining ladies — Susie, Gabby and Rachel — traveled to beautiful Reykjavik, Iceland where they each enjoyed passionate dates set against the backdrop of the capitol city’s awe-inspiring landscapes. But it was here, amid the romance and breathtaking vistas, that Clayton’s journey to find love was about to take a dramatic turn.

With a possible engagement just a week away, the 28-year-old Eureka, Missouri native admitted that he was possibly “falling in love” with all three women and might already be “in love” with Susie. He hoped that the overnight dates would help him find clarity.

For his part, he acknowledged, “It’s time to let my walls down” and “quit being guarded.”

Unfortunately, he realized he may have opened himself up a little too much. After revealing to Susie that he’d already been intimate with both Rachel and Gabby and told each lady that he was in love with them, Susie said she couldn’t share Clayton with anyone else, and therefore, couldn’t move towards an engagement.

Clayton believed Susie’s bombshell announcement, coming so late in the game, left him with no other choice but to send her home — and wondering if he should pack it in as well.

“My heart’s not in it…It’s over,” he declared.

The Bachelor returns with its two-night season 26 finale Monday and Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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