The Shanae show continued on Monday’s episode of The Bachelor, leading to a two-on-one date between her and one of the other ladies to determine who stays and who goes home.

But first, Clayton needed to get to the bottom of a confrontation between Shanae and some of the other ladies during last week’s group date. Shanae, after hearing the others plotting to get her sent home, found herself on the losing side of a football game — resulting in her team going home and the winners spending time with Clayton. Worried the others would talk about her without the chance to respond, she crashed the afterparty, angering the others.

Before the rose ceremony, Clayton heard both sides of the story — first from the winning team, then from Shanae — in an effort to sort things out. Shanae delivered an award-winning apology that afterwards, in a reveal, she’d admit was an act.

When the roses were handed out, Shanae would stay, while Jill and Lindsay W. were sent home, along with Siera, whose parting words to Clayton were to choose “the right girl” and not “be stupid.”

The international journey continued in Toronto, with a group date featuring some of the ladies roasting each other, although Shanae — who wasn’t even on the date — took most of the heat. The date rose went to Rachel

A pair of one-on-one dates went to Serene and Gabby, who each walked away with roses as well.

The episode ended with a one-on-one date at Niagara Falls featuring bitter rivals Shanae and Genevieve, delivered with the ominous message: “Into the falls your journey goes…only one comes out with a rose.”

However, the date may also carry consequences for Clayton, whose decision could change their feelings about him.

The Bachelor continues Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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