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On Friday, Marvel Studios revealed the trailer to Echo, its Hawkeye spin-off starring deaf actress Alaqua Cox reprising as the title character aka Maya Lopez, as well as Vincent D’Onofrio‘s Wilson Fisk/Kingpin.

The show will be the first TV-MA series Marvel Studios has made for Disney+, and even the trailer earned the mature rating.

It starts with a flashback of the young Native American girl in her school uniform, trying to buy an ice cream from a vendor by signing to him.

Instead, he makes fun of Maya’s sign language and tells her to get lost — something that D’Onofrio’s character witnesses. Fisk throws him a savage beating in an alley for it, his white suit spattered with the vendor’s blood.

As Hawkeye explored, Fisk takes the girl under his wing. Although she is an amputee, she trains and becomes a ruthless enforcer for Fisk, who becomes her “uncle.”

“You have so much pain in you. So much rage that you can’t contain it,” Fisk says in voice-over as Maya dispatches any number of baddies.

Meanwhile, a legend reads: “No bad deed goes unpunished.”

Later, Fisk says to Maya, as she has a gun pointed at him, “You and I are the same,” before revealing he’s wearing an eyepatch — possibly from her shooting him in Hawkeye‘s finale.

“So, who’s the monster?” he asks rhetorically.

The series, which will also feature Charlie Cox as Daredevil/Matt Murdock, will drop in its entirety — the first Marvel series to do so — on January 10.

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