Norman Jean Roy

Jennifer Lopez has released a new video for “Rebound,” one of the songs on her new album, This Is Me … Now. The clip is a new, extended edit of a sequence in her musical film This Is Me … Now: A Love Story, now streaming on Prime Video.

The video shows Jennifer in an abusive relationship she can’t escape. She and a man are seen dancing and embracing in an apartment in a building made entirely of glass; when he gets violent, he smashes a window with his fist, cracking the glass. But when Jen tries to get away, she can’t because they’re literally tied together with a rope. 

Finally, Jen takes a shard of glass, severs the rope and runs for her life into a bathroom, while her violent lover pounds on the glass door until it cracks. The clip ends with Jen clapping her hands over her ears and screaming, which shatters the entire building; she then walks away over the broken glass with bare, bloody feet.

According to a press release, “Rebound” was inspired by JLo’s husband Ben Affleck‘s suggestion to “write about the pain and upset in her tumultuous journey of love.” It marks “the first time she has revealed the truth of her past experiences.” The message she wants to get across: love should never hurt.

In an email to subscribers to her On the JLo newsletter, Jen thanked fans for “all of your beautiful letters and comments” about her new music and film. “I am so grateful for you,” she adds. “You are the most loving and loyal fan base that exists. I wonder how I got so lucky to have all of you in my corner today, and some of you for so many years.”

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