The pandemic already twice postponed actress Sarah Hyland and The Bachelorette alum Wells Adams‘ wedding, but the duo believes 2022 will break the vicious cycle.  Speaking to ABC Audio, the pair discussed what they hope to accomplish in the upcoming year.

“To get married, finally,” Sarah declared in unison with her fiancé.  “That’s a good [resolution.]”

Wells added, “I failed two years in a row on that one, so I’m hoping third time’s the charm.”

Other than taking that long-delayed trip down the aisle, Sarah also hopes to pick up horseback riding.  “I did a job this past spring in Ireland, where I got to ride horses and so I got to actually learn how to properly trot and canter and everything! I would really like to continue that,” the Modern Family alum revealed before admitting,  “I just want to spend more time with animals than people [next year.]”

While Wells admits getting married is his biggest goal for 2022, it’s not the only thing he wants to accomplish.  “I want to be a scratch golfer,” he said.

“I’m close, but not quite there,” Wells admitted, and said pro golfer Max Homa “made fun of my swing a few times — and I don’t blame him for that.”  Despite being roasted by the PGA Tour champ, the reality star expressed, “If I ever get to play in a Pro Am, I want him to be my partner.”

Wells is set to appear in the upcoming LPGA Tournament of Champions in Orlando, Florida, where he’ll play alongside fellow Bachelor Nation star Ben Higgins in late January.

Sarah hyped the “very exciting” event, because Wells is “playing a golf game that’s televised.” After pausing over saying “golf game,” she grinned, “I’m such a good golf wife — er, fiancée — whatever!”  

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