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Ever since Taylor Swift fans solved the puzzle that revealed the names of four of the “From the Vault” tracks from 1989 (Taylor’s Version), they’ve been pondering what the fifth track would be. Well, it’s now been revealed and probably isn’t what you’d expect.

Taylor unveiled the tracks by posting the back cover of the album and writing, “It’s a new soundtrack” — a lyric from “Welcome to New York.” She continued, “Here are the back covers and vault track titles for 1989 (my version) I can’t wait for this one to be out, seriously. Thank you for playing along, sleuthing, puzzling and making these reveals so much chaotic fun (which is the best kind of fun, after all).”

The missing song is “SLUT!” When the scrambled letters of the title were first revealed as part of the puzzle, fans debated whether or not the song would be called “LUST” or “SLUT,” with many doubting that Taylor would ever use the latter word as a song title. But, here we are.

In 2019, Taylor told Zane Lowe on Apple Music’s Beats 1 that at age 23 — in 2012, in other words — she’d felt “slut-shamed” by the amount of attention paid to her relationships, rather than her songwriting ability.

“In a way, it’s figuring out how to completely minimize that skill by taking something that everyone in their darkest, darkest moments loves to do, which is just to slut-shame, you know?” she said. “That happened to me at a very young age, so that was a bit hard. That was one of the first times I was like, ‘Wow, this is not fair.’”

1989 (Taylor’s Version) is out October 27.

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