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Barking with The Beat – Marcus
Marcus is a delightful boy with an outgoing personality who loves playing with toys and loves humans! He likes the other dogs in his playgroup but can occasionally be a little picky about his doggie friends. His previous owner reported that he is housebroken. We do not guarantee this, but he never has accidents in his pen here. Marcus is missing his right arm and that does NOT slow him down one little bit! He still loves going for walks but would be just as happy exploring around his own yard. He’s a charming and affectionate fellow who can’t wait to find his forever family. If that might be you, come meet him today! And make sure to reach out to Amanda at 417 Pet Sitting once you’ve adopted sweet Marcus!

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Barking with The Beat – New You!

According to Health Magazine our furbabies make THE BEST work out buddies because they don’t bail on you and can always make it up that last hill! I pulled some of their statistics to share as we make the “New Year, New You” journey to better health. That energy can be contagious: research from Michigan State University found that dog owners were 34% more likely to get the recommended 150 minutes of exercise a week than folks who didn’t have a dog. Even if you’re just taking your pup for a walk, that counts. (Move at a brisk clip and you can burn as many as 170 calories in half an hour.) But there are lots of other activities you and Fido can do together—all while strengthening your bond! Read full article >>

Taboo 2
TK’s Kitty Corner

Welcome to TK’s Kitty Corner where each week we feature a cat (or cats) up for adoption from C.A.R.E.
This week we have Taboo who is a 6 month old calico. She is fixed, good with other pets, very playful/energetic, smart, and sweet! Read full article >>

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