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Take your first look at Camila Cabello as ‘Cinderella’

The first teaser trailer for the new Cinderella starring Camila Cabello in her first major acting role as the title character.  The 30-second trailer shows Cinderella — or “Ella” — as an aspiring seamstress who wants the world to know her name,. singing about her wish to go to the ball. A brief scene follows her genderless fairy godparent Fab G, played by Billy Porter, appearing to her, ready to make her dreams come true — to which Cinderella replies, “Yes, I was singing and crying about it like two minutes ago.” Read full article >>

Courtney Love calls out Olivia Rodrigo for allegedly copying Hole’s album cover

Courtney Love is calling out Olivia Rodrigo, saying she didn’t ask permission to use a very similar picture of cover art from her band Hole‘s 1994 album Live Through This, for Rodrigo’s Sour Prom Concert Film.  The 56-year-old Love reposted a tweet that 18-year-old Olivia posted, showing her in a prom dress with a crown and mascara running down her face.  Love added the comment: “Spot the difference! #twinning! @Olivia_Rodrigo.” Read full article >>

‘Transformers 7’ title is announced as ‘Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts’

The next movie in the “Transformers” franchise has its official title.  At a virtual event, director Steven Caple Jr. revealed that the next film in the blockbuster franchise will be called “Transformers: Rise of the Beasts”.  The director revealed that “Rise of the Beast” will centre on Optimus Prime, and will follow up the ’80s-set “Bumblebee” by being set in the year 1994. In the film, audiences will see Optimus Prime forming his lasting bond with the people of Earth. Bumblebee will also be returning for the new film, taking the form of a classic yellow Camaro, but decked out with off-road features. Read full article >>

Willow Smith confirms new album “Lately I Feel Everything” due out July 16th

Willow Smith has confirmed the release date for her forthcoming new album ‘Lately I Feel Everything’ will be July 16th. Lately I Feel Everything is the follow-up to 2020’s ‘The Anxiety’ – which was a collaborative record with Tyler Cole under the moniker The Anxiety.  Willow previously dropped her collaboration with Travis Barker ‘t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l’, which came out back in April. Read full article >>

Man Finds Creepy Hidden cellar in Rental Home

Basements full of water are generally a bad thing. A video recently posted to TikTok by user Robertibus, who says he’s from Worcester, U.K., shows him and his dog investigating the basement of a rental house that had a cellar located beneath the living room. He opens the door and goes down the stairs to find a dark room full of bright green water. 
Not my usual content, but this was too spooky not to share. Was not expecting that! #spooky #unexpected #creepy #familyholiday 👻 Read full article >>

Elton John announces North American and European dates on 2022 ‘Farewell Yellow Brick Road’ tour

Elton John announced on social media his final concert dates for North America and Europe as part of his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour. John said in a video addressed to fans“Shows that I announce today will be my final tour dates ever in North America and Europe. I’m going to go out in the biggest possible way, performing at my very best, with the most spectacular production I’ve ever had, playing in places that have meant so much to me throughout my career.” Read full article >>