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Local Christmas Tree Farms

Real Christmas trees have spiked in popularity this year, so I figured I’d try to track down some Christmas tree farms for you and your fam to frolic in, Christmas Vacation-style. Heck, maybe this is the year you start a new tradition. It can be something cool to come out of 2020! P.s. Have the vacuum on the ready. You’ll need it. Read full article >>

Singer Turned Athlete?!?!

So I didn’t know this but Cody Simpson, you know the Australian singer (and Miley Cyrus’ most recent EX) he’s not just a singer…he’s an athlete too!!
When he was 13 he was really good at swimming and possibly could have had a career in it…well he got an offer in the music industry he just couldn’t refuse so here we are..all these years later..and it looks like he’s getting back to his roots!
Cody just qualified for his first Olympic trials!! He’s hoping to compete in the 2021 Olympics in the swimming category!! So congrats to him. That’s awesome!! Read full article >>