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Holiday Song for Dogs

Christmas songs are getting dropped right and left this year, but someone finally wrote one for our dogs! “Raise the Woof” incorporates all the praise sayings like “good girl/good boy,” squeaky toy sounds, barking, whistling, and more. I’ve been seeing our Twitter feed filled with reaction videos and we want to see yours! @929thebeat Read full article >>

Hot Hands for the Homeless

Our friends at The Mystery Hour are hosting a big fundraiser this year: Hot Hands for the Homeless. It will benefit The Connecting Grounds and their work with the homeless. The Mystery Hour crew saw a documentary about the Springfield Street Choir, and afterwards, there was a Q&A with a couple of homeless men. Someone asked what they most need and the both said, “Hot Hands!” It turns out they literally save lives over the winter. Hoping to raise enough for 25,000 Hot Hands. Read full article >>

Best Time to Avoid Crowds

The crew at Google Maps has been hard at work over the past 7 months, analyzing the most and least busy times to grocery shop, head to get coffee, and grab a meal at your favorite restaurant. Mondays at 8am is the prime-time to head to the store and stock up, Tuesdays at 3pm is the best time to grab your favorite meal, and Tuesdays at 4pm is the best time to grab a coffee. Want to avoid crowds at all costs? Don’t go out at 6pm Fridays! Get more deets on this and how to schedule your time here. Read full article >>

Tofu-Themed Gifts

What’s a holiday without tofu? I am so very happy to see these lighthearted gifts rolling out just in time for the holidays. Whatever you celebrate…or don’t celebrate…wouldn’t your home be complete with a tofu calendar, tofu scented candle, or how about a wet dog scented candle? That has nothing to do with tofu, but everything to do with PETA, who is responsible for all of these lovely gift ideas! Check more of them out here and get your vegan friends something cool this holiday! Read full article >>