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A new animal was just discovered..

2020 is a weird year man…
I feel like someone..somewhere.. is playing Jumanji and losing!
On top of everything else going on this year, I just found out that not 1, but 2 new animals have been discovered!
Two new mammals were just discovered in Australia.
Their both marsupials which are basically any furry animal that carries it’s young in it’s pouch like kangaroos, opossums..all those kinds of animals.
These new guys are gliders, which we have whats called greater gliders already, but these are different….
They were found in eucalyptus forests in Queensland and their the smallest out of all the gliders…only about a foot long.
Their actually related to the ringtail possum…like….if a lemur and a possum had a baby, that’s what this thing looks like…its actually super cute though!!!
But, for real, a global pandemic, product shortages, confirmation from the government that UFO’s are real, and now.. new animals….what else could possibly happen?
Also isn’t it kind of freaky to think about all the things that are out there that we have no idea about….. Read full article >>

Local Artist Spotlight: Matteson Gregory

Welcome to the Covid-19 edition of the LAS! We love music (DUH!) and want to feature different local artists that you need to know about because SpringMO is FULL of amazing talent! This time, we’re featuring Matteson Gregory!

Q: First, just want to say thanks so much for doing this!! We have so much talent here in Springfield, of all different genres too which is cool. How would you describe yourself and your music?

Guess what’s back TOMORROW…..!!!!!!!!!!!

The Halloween pumpkins have barely been tossed in the trash, but as it tends to do, the world has already moved on to the next holiday season….or should I say 2 holidays from now!
The Starbucks holiday cups are officially back!! When you get a drink, you’ll notice the super festive cups featuring ribbons and bows, mostly green and red of course.
Also, as of tomorrow….you’re favorite holiday drinks are back!!! The Peppermint Mocha, Toasted White Chocolate Mocha, Caramel Brulee Latte, Chestnut Praline Latte, and Eggnog Latte!! Like, yes!!! Give me ALL of them PRONTO!!! Read full article >>

I Need Your Advice

We all have those friends, family members, therapists, and peers that we go to for life advice. Have you ever thought about exactly how many times you ask for guidance, though? The average adult asks for advice around 6,000 times in their lifetime. That’s like twice a week! And hey, if you don’t have a certain someone that you trust to help, you can always turn to Google or YouTube. They both have helped me out of a jam multiple times! And no, you’re not needy, you’re just human and trying to do the best you can! Check out more on this with Independent UK. Read full article >>

Your Dream Job Awaits You….

OK…this is it! I found my dream job!!
First let me ask you this…how many times a day do you use google?
I use it multiple times a day, sometimes for the most random things that pop in my head, like..I never really paid attention during history class so last night i was googling what an electoral college is, LOL!!!!!
Well in Norway there’s an internet browser called Opera….that’s basically their google….and they wanna pay someone $9000 for a 2 week assignment.
Off to a good start right….
The assignment….is to browse the web for fun!! Read full article >>