Lady Gaga has yet to be officially cast as Harley Quinn in Joker: Folie à Deux, but she’s already received a stamp of approval from Margot Robbie, who plays the DC villain in the Suicide Squad franchise.

Speaking to MTV News, Margot talked about Gaga potentially taking on the mantle in the upcoming Joker sequel. “It makes me so happy because I said from the very beginning is all I want is for Harley Quinn to be one of those characters the way, like, Macbeth or Batman always gets passed from great actor to great actor,” she expressed.

“I feel like in not so many cases are there female characters,” Margot continued. One example she provided is the case of Queen Elizabeth I, but Margot noted how shallow the pool for actresses really is. She didn’t focus on the negative and instead revealed how thrilled she is to have moved the needle.

“It’s such an honor to have built a foundation strong enough that Harley can now be one of those characters that other actors get to have a go at playing and I think she’ll do something incredible with it,” the actress said. 

Gaga confirmed in August she has been cast in the Joker sequel but declined to reveal which character she’ll play. “Joker: Folie à Deux,” Gaga announced on Instagram, sharing a brief teaser of the upcoming thriller.

The video, set to a red backdrop, features Gaga’s all black silhouette — except for a little red heart on her right eye — dancing to Fred Astaire’s “Cheek to Cheek.” The heart’s placement is in the same spot on Robbie’s movie interpretation of Quinn.

Joker: Folie à Deux laughs its way into theaters on October 4, 2024.
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