For the last couple days… Scientists have been BAFFLED… by the Unlikely Bouts of Raw Genius being put on display… by none other, than our own Alexis Fuller… 

Cuz not only did she Dominate at Justin Bieber Trivia, last week… she ALSO Showed a Deep & Intensive knowledge of the Rapper Ja Rule (even tho she’s never heard ANY of his songs or seen ANY of his movies)

So… Is it all beginners luck… OR… is she the Gen-Z, Spray Tanned Version of Slumdog Millionaire?

We’re gonna find out today… as we put her FARM KNOWLEDGE to the test…. for National PIG DAY…. And I’m gonna be quizzing you on those MUD-LOVING Swine… In special Non Kosher edition of Plenty of Twenty.

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